Deciding on Marble Slab for Style in the GTA for GTA Homes

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Deciding on a Marble Slab for Style in the GTA for GTA Homes

Choosing marble slab surfaces for style in your GTA home, condo or workplace can give an elegant, upscale appeal that doesn’t have to sacrifice the cleanliness or functionality of your space. Kitchen countertops are one of the most common places to use natural stone in a way that adds to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home. The kitchen is a place where we prepare our food, store our cooking supplies and gather for conversations with our friends or family members. Perhaps the most important component of the modern day kitchen is that it is sanitary. Natural stone countertops provide a very workable surface that serves to protect against bacteria and that is perfect for the kitchen or anywhere where food preparation is going to take place. Able to be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild dish soap, maintenance and care for surfaces such as marble and granite does not have to be a hassle. Homeowners do not need to purchase any special cleaners for their surface; using acidic household cleaners have the potential to actually harm it.

Aesthetic Appeal

Marble for style in the GTA is a natural stone highly sought after for its high-end gloss and luxurious appeal. It’s intricate veining and colour variations give it a very natural look. It achieves its sheen due to its ability to reflect light and is commonly used in decorative applications to brighten or bring life to a space. Marble is not just installed as a countertop surface in homes, but has a wide variety of uses and applications, commonly used for floors, walls and backsplashes that can accent your existing décor or bring focal points to different areas of the room.

Functional Surface

Natural stone serves as one of the most durable and functional surfaces homeowners can install in their homes. When properly sealed, marble countertops provide additional resistance against heat, scratches and stains. Though homeowners are still encouraged to use coasters, cutting boards and heat pads in order to preserve the natural beauty of their stones, marble makes for a great countertop solution for any home. Marble cutting boards are also a great way to keep your surface free from scratches, while stepping up the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Add Value to Your Home

One of the most popular reasons homeowners choose to incorporate marble surfaces in their homes is to increase their property value. Whether you’re intending on selling your home or planning on staying there for the rest of your life, marble surfaces are structured to last, adding visual appeal and value to your home for years to come. Homeowners feel comfortable installing natural stone knowing that its luxurious appeal is never "going out of style”. It helps to get a little return on your investment too.
Marble slab surfaces for style in the GTA have been a major component of upscale home designs across the GTA for many years. Natural stone is a perfect option for the floors, countertops or backsplashes in any room. Keep your home clean and looking in tip-top shape by installing a natural stone surface in your home today.